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The National Trading Committee is responsible for purchasing goods to sell to all our Areas and online along with the wide selection of Nafas publications available. These leaflets and books are a great advantage to anyone wanting to learn or teach the art of flower arranging, covering Period, Traditional, Modern and Contemporary Design.

My Committee consists of:

Jean Carter (South Midlands Area)
Shirley Davis (Kent Area)
Ross McGookin (NIGFAS)
Mary Whyte (SAFAS)

Each one has their own individual jobs and we all work together as a team. In April each year we have a meeting with all the Area Trading Officers (listed below) who come to Headquarters to share ideas and information, and have the opportunity to view all goods for sale. Our committee is here to support NAFAS and keep membership affiliation fees low.

Ken Law, Committee Chairman (London & Overseas Area)


The 2016/2017 Area Trading Officers are: 

East of England – Pat South
South West – Kate Ryall
SAFAS – vacant
North East – Barbara Pinnock
Three Counties & South Wales – Marie Munday
London & Overseas – Ken Law
Surrey – Pat Lloydlangston
Wessex & Jersey – Carole Norman
Home Counties – vacant
Berks, Bucks & Oxon – vacant
Mercia & North Wales – vacant
North West – vacant
Kent – Shirley Davis
Sussex – Margaret Hayes
North Midlands – Ros Rickard
South Midlands – vacant
Devon & Cornwall – Linda Dean
Northumberland & Durham – Kathleen Gibson
Dorset & Guernsey – Sandra Taylor
Cheshire – Christine Middleton
NIGFAS – vacant

All contact details for the above are available from the relevant Area Secretary, whose details can be found on the ‘NAFAS Areas’ page of this website.