Pre-National and National Demonstrators Tests

The National Demonstrators Committee remain optimistic and hopeful that we will be able to hold the National Tests in 2021 and if needs demand, we may have to provisionally adjust the current guidelines.  There are 12 enthusiastic and very capable candidates who hopefully will enhance the National Demonstrators List in the future 

The Tests are on Wednesday April 21st and Thursday April 22nd 2021, 10.00am to 4.30pm at Northwich Memorial Court, Northwich CW9 5QJ.

Tickets £12 per person per day are available from Vanessa Keys at Headquarters,  Cheques are payable to NAFAS – please include a SAE. Card payment can be made by calling Headquarters on 020 7247 5567. Digital tickets will be issued.


Event Details


Northwich Memorial Court, Northwich CW9 5WJ


Start: Wednesday 21st April 2021
End: Thursday 22nd April 2021


Current funding:

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