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Inspired By...

“Inspired by …………………”

James Burnside’s design from Katherine Kear’s Workshop at the 2014 National Teachers’ Conference, Birmingham



Inspired By...

Inspired By…

2 clean empty food tins 400g size

4 bamboo canes approx 20 inches long

Broad oasis tape

Ball of junky wool or any scrap wool you may have

Sand or fine gravel to fill tins ¾ to top

Double sided adhesive acrylic tape 50mm wide (Oasis product)


Plant material:

3 – 5 pieces of outline material e.g. Corylus avellana “Contorta”

5 – 7 rounded flowers e.g. standard carnations, roses, or tulips

10 small/medium sized leaves e.g. ivy, bergenia or some similar

oasis to fill food tins



1. Place bamboo canes at equal distance down the side of one of the tins

2. Secure using the oasis tape – the bottom, middle and top of tin

3. Place the second tin between the bamboo canes at the top – making sure that they are straight and are level with the top of the tin.

4. Secure as in step 2

5. Cover tins with the double side tape

6. Starting with the bottom tin wrap wool securely to the top of the bottom tin. Tuck end of wool down the side of the bamboo cane

7. Repeat step 6 with the top tin.

8. Place the gravel or sand in the two tins – ¾ to top

9. Place oasis in each of the tins making sure that it is 2-3 inches above each tin.

10. Place two pieces of the outline material on the left hand side of the top tin towards the back repeat in lower tin to the right hand side

11. Place the flowers in a rhythmic line in front of the outline material in the top tin repeat in lower tin

12. Place broad leaves to cover the oasis


James Burnside