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National Demonstrators Tests  –  21st & 22nd April 2021, Northwich Memorial Court, Northwich CW9 5QJ

Click on the following link to obtain tickets – Pre Nat Assessment Nat Demo Test Apr 2021 Poster


Elizabeth Graham – Chairman (Three Counties & South Wales)
Jacqui Arnold (Kent)
James Burnside (NIGFAS)
Pam Lewis (South West)
Nigel Whyles (Mercia & North Wales)

NAFAS Demonstrators give demonstrations of artistry and entertainment to delight audiences of all sizes and they play a very important part in the programme of flower clubs.

They are qualified at AREA and NATIONAL level. They are all individuals and no two demonstrators are alike. Our demonstrators entertain and inform Flower Clubs from small monthly meetings to large open meetings and special events at National and World Show level. These latter events being performed by our experienced National Demonstrators.

Click here to download the NAFAS RECOMMENDED MILEAGE RATES – NAFAS Recommended Mileage Rates


NAFAS Demonstrators have a wide variety of titles for their demonstrations, many of them non-specific in words, but thought provoking for audiences and leaving space for flexibility of designs often influenced by nature, the time of the year or a bright new idea. Exhibits carried out on stage range from classical to contemporary and demonstrations usually include a wide variety of designs.

Demonstrators can often tailor their a demonstration for special events such as Club Anniversaries, Celebrations, Christmas and many others and can adapt the size of their demonstration from the village hall for club meetings to the civic hall for large events.

Audiences can enjoy a live performance combining art, horticulture and theatre and, if lucky, leave with one of the displays won in the raffle.


Qualification Tests for Area Demonstrators are held regularly within the 21 Areas of NAFAS.


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