Foliage and Plants for Flower Arranging

Foliage and Plants for Flower Arranging


This book ia a source of reference of suitable foliage and plants for anyone interested in flower arranging. The contents include the more commonly used foliage and plants from the garden and cut flower trade. Over 200 colour photographs are included.

‘For anyone who has not already got a copy, may I strongly recommend this book as an invaluable reference. To be a good designer you need to know the names of plants that are useful in arrangements and can be grown in the garden or are available from florists. This NAFAS handbook covers the full range of plant material, from the garden and shop, together with house plants. It gives information on how they can be grown, where they should be grown, their value in flower arranging and a whole lot more. At just £9.50, this is one of the best-value publications you will ever find and every flower arranger should have a copy.’


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