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Recycled Roses

Recycled Rose

Recycled Rose


This is a design which can be adapted to suit a variety of uses – I like to have some finished samples for the students to see, as this may inspire them to source interesting but inexpensive materials for their own designs.

A sturdy cardboard box, such as a wine box


A piece of thick cardboard, salvaged from packaging.

A roll of Duck tape

Tree bark such as Eucalyptus/ silver birch or thin slices of fungi.

Flat moss

A well stocked workbook

Oasis glue/ a glue gun



Cover the sides of the box with Duck tape, this is to disguise packaging decor, and strengthen the structure. It also provides a base for some strips of Duck tape to be positioned at the top, centre and base of the box, sticky side out. These strips will provide sufficient hold for lightweight materials.

Sort out pieces of bark to fit attractively on the box. Sometimes it helps to “de-laminate” or break down the bark into smaller pieces. Heavier pieces of bark will require some additional glue – either oasis glue or hot glue gun. (Remember Health & Safety requirements!)

I placed a plastic mushroom tray in the finished box, some floral foam covered with flat moss and some rather old recycled roses.

All “bits” that were to hand and definitely given a new lease of life!

You can create almost any shape, cylinders, or circles using this idea. I also made the half spheres, using old floral foam sculpted to shape, and then covered with bark.


Maggi Murray from Tamar Valley Flower Club and Links Contemporary Designer Club. Both Devon and Cornwall Area.