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The South West Area of NAFAS began life in 1955 as The Floral Association of South West England and covered a vast area with a small scattering of clubs that stretched from Cornwall to Wiltshire and Hampshire and from Dorset through Somerset up to Gloucester and South Wales.

In the early 1940’s Constance Spry had given a lecture on flower arranging in the West Country and it was following this that Mary Pope formed the first society in Dorchester in 1949. By the early 1950’s there was so much interest that clubs began springing up throughout the West Country.

With arrangers such as Julia Clements, Violet Stephenson, Constance Spry and Sheila MacQueen to mention just a few, visiting the area and giving inspiration and ideas it was no wonder that the number of societies grew and grew and by 1959, the year that NAFAS was formed, the South West was the second Area to affiliate.

Breaks in the Area began to occur with South Wales and Gloucester leaving in October 1959, Wessex and Jersey in November 1960, Devon and Cornwall in November 1964 and finally Dorset and Guernsey in March 1970.

What was still known as The Floral Association of South West England was renamed the South West Area of NAFAS in June 1982 and now consists of Bristol, Somerset with its beautiful coast line and scenery and West Wiltshire and includes the elegant cities of Wells and Georgian Bath.
There are now 40 clubs, two of which are Contemporary Floral Design Groups.

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The South West Area Exhibit in the Area Class Fashion House at the Malvern Spring Show won a Gold Medal and People’s Choice.

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