Our Organisation

Flower arranging clubs and societies joined together in 1959 and formed the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS) with help and advice from the Royal Horticultural Society.  The Association has been a unifying and guiding influence to thousands of men, women and juniors whose love of flowers has opened up a new world of creativity.


Within the United Kingdom there are 21 Areas, each autonomous with its own Area Chairman and Committee.  Each Area is affiliated to the parent Association and each Area Chairman attends National Council four times a year, usually in London when policy and other NAFAS matters are discussed.

The Trustees of the Charity are also Directors of the Company and are elected by the 21 Area Chairmen.  The Trustees are responsible for policy and the financial management of NAFAS.

NAFAS Headquarters is at 1st Floor, 42-44 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AH where there is a small staff responsible for the day to day running of the Association.

Within NAFAS there are demonstrators, judges, speakers and teachers of flower arranging and each has its own Standing Committee.

There are also Standing Committees to oversee other work of the Association and these Committees meet regularly.

With about 30,000 members NAFAS ranks amongst the most notable specialist National Associations in the UK.


Each of the 21 Areas within the UK is organised on similar lines to the parent association and arranges their own events such as educational facilities, flower festivals, demonstrations and training for Area judges, demonstrators and speakers.

Within each Area there are clubs which again are responsible for their own organisation.  The clubs usually meet monthly when there might be a flower arranging demonstration, talk, workshop, competition or other social event.  Clubs often organise flower festivals and garden visits for their members.

Some Areas have Junior Flower Clubs or adult clubs offering facilities for junior members. 

Most Areas have one club which specialises in contemporary flower arranging and frequently invites teachers and demonstrators from overseas.


There are many people who for various reasons are unable to join a flower club but who are, nevertheless, interested in floral design.  For them, by becoming an individual affiliated member, they may enjoy the benefits of NAFAS.  The annual subscription includes four issues of The Flower Arranger magazine, two newsletters, details of National events and educational courses.  Information may be found on our website here or by calling NAFAS Headquarters.


Around the country the skills of NAFAS members may be seen, whether in church, cathedral, hospital, hospice, stately home or horticultural show.  Flowers are regularly arranged in Westminster Abbey and a gold medal at Chelsea was first awarded to NAFAS in 1975.  NAFAS is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society and regularly exhibits at their shows.  A bi-annual National Show and competition is held at venues across the UK which is open to the public.


NAFAS is affiliated to the World Association of Floral Artists which holds a triennial show in different parts of the world.


Since its inception NAFAS has had teachers who have taught flower arranging skills at National, Area and club level.  The NAFAS Teaching Manual is available as a digital download from our on-line shop along with a selection of education handbooks for the beginner to the more advanced student.  


The Flower Arranger is a superb, full colour quarterly magazine available from Flower Clubs or by direct subscription.  The experienced flower arranger and the complete novice will find much of interest in this exciting specialist magazine; learn how to arrange flowers in the step-by-step instructions, enjoy up-to-date trends and designs and much, much, more.  Brighten a dull day with articles which encourage a love of gardens, gardening and the conservation of plants and flowers.  Subscribe direct on the NAFAS website.


A wide range of Education handbooks and other NAFAS merchandise.


The aims of NAFAS are to advance public education in the art of flower arranging and related subjects; to encourage the love of flowers and to demonstrate their decorative value; to instruct, train and qualify judges, demonstrators, teachers and speakers in order to raise the standard of work throughout the country; to assist worthy causes and charities by organising exhibitions and competitions and to encourage the conservation of rare and endangered species of plants.

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