The National Education Committee:

The Committee meets three times a year at Osborne House.  This Committee works to promote the educational aims of NAFAS, encouraging members and the general public in the skills of floral art and related subjects.  

Training days are organised for Junior Leaders, Area Education Representatives, Teachers and Internal Moderators.  The Committee also organises and runs mini-teaching demonstrations and workshops at National Show.

The Education Committee aims to promote a high standard of teaching through NAFAS certificates in Floral Art & Design.  It disseminates literature and information related to teaching floral design and provides a platform for the exchange of ideas. 

The following list is the names of NAFAS National Teachers.  They are all approved by the NAFAS National  Education Committee and hold recognised qualification in the Teaching of Adults and a nationally recognised certificate in Flower Arranging or Floristry at an Advanced Level.

Teachers may not apply until they have three years’ experience, preferably including two years on the relevant Area Teachers List, and are able to provide a reference from an education employer or equivalent (see application form).  Application forms may be obtained from the Education Secretary at NAFAS Headquarters.  National Teachers are not necessarily obliged to travel outside their Area.



Our floral art and design courses are in the process of being re-written in a  modular format.  More information will be available soon. 

Thinking about setting up Leisure Classes?

The Education Committee have produced  ‘Leisure Classes for All’.  A guide for Teachers setting up Leisure Classes for Adults or Juniors offering practical guidance on starting out to inspirational ideas for everyone to enjoy. Download a copy of our Leisure Classes for All guide and be inspired to get started.