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NAFAS Mission, Vision and Values


NAFAS Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

To improve the lives of everyone through flowers.”  

Mission Statement

Sharing the creative use of flowers through education, to bring joy and inspiration to all.

We achieve this through:

  • Welcoming everyone to our association, events and shows by removing barriers to access

  • Sharing our artistry, creativity, skills, experience and innovation

  • Encouraging creative use of flowers to aid mental health, well-being and social interaction

  • Developing imaginative and accessible promotional programmes and publications

  • Providing the highest quality educational and training schemes and upholding their quality

  • Supporting opportunities to develop skills through competitions and exhibitions at all levels

  • Ensuring excellent organisational and commercial support for affiliated clubs and societies

  • Establishing a culture where collaboration and sharing best practice is the norm

  • Working closely with horticultural, trade and educational bodies with similar goals

  • Continuous improvement to everything we do by embracing incremental change

  • Regular renewal of our representation and plans to capture new trends and voices

  • Minimising our impact on the environment 

Our Values

  • Ensure a friendly welcome for all, that embraces equality and diversity

  • Ensure open and positive behaviours at all times in delivering our goals

  • Make full use of the knowledge, energy and commitment of all of our association’s members

  • Seek positive environmental sustainability in all our activities

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