National Speakers Test Results

NAFAS is delighted to announce that, following the National Speakers Tests held on Thursday 3rd August 2023 in Stockton on the Forest, York, five candidates successfully passed.

Congratulations to:-

  • Peter Mathers, North East Area
  • Pip Bensley, Wessex & Jersey Area
  • Bronda Dossett, Wessex & Jersey Area
  • Karen Frew, Northern Ireland
  • Cherie Nummy, Northern Ireland

On the same date four trainee adjudicators were assessed and congratulations to all four who qualified as Speakers’ Adjudicators:-

  • Rita Braithwaite, North East Area
  • Susan Shaw, Kent Floral Art
  • Simone Squire, South Midlands Area
  • Alan Beatty, Northern Ireland
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