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03 April 2020

Spread the Hope

Spread the Hope, a message from Katherine Kear, Area Chairman, Three Counties & South Wales:-

“I do hope you are keeping safe during these unprecedented times.

This week on my daily walks I noticed a variety of rainbow pictures, some homemade by children, some  printed, but I noticed them all. In folklore the rainbow has always been, amongst other things, a symbol of hope, the calm after the storm.  This got me to thinking about how as an Association we could, short term, use our homes and skills to send out messages. I do believe in the dripping tap theory, so many simple little words and actions collectively make a difference.  There is a limit to how we can help in this situation but we can be seen to support. I am hoping as many people as possible make or find a ring and add a green ribbon to it and put it for the duration on front doors or prominent windows. The ring symbolises unending and everlasting love, the cycle of life and hope. Green is for renewal, balance and progress.

Please send this to all your clubs and put it on the various media facilities to spread the word.  Thank you so much for your help in passingMoss Wreath & Bow this on. Pass the idea to family and friends, neighbours and more.

Thank you so much.”